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With two generations behind us, Nextep Tours’ new travel initiative, in a complex and fast changing world, has the experience needed for you to confidently go ahead with your travel plans.

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We stand apart from the competition thanks to:

  • Our Ethos that we have retained from our past to be a part of our future;
  • Competitive prices for quality travel;
  • State-of-the-art search engines combined with a human touch;
  • Members of IATA and Ensemble Travel Group for better resources;
  • Connected to a large network of suppliers, hotels, resorts, spas, cruises, airlines, for latest trends and values in the market;
  • A worldwide agency while offering individual, personalized and professional services;
  • Personally handcrafted, planned tours and
  • Interactive, Cultural Experiences incorporated in our Tours.
Tessie and Marie - Nextep Tours Founders

Tessie and Marie
Nextep Tours Founders

Tessie has been serving travelers in the front line, having worked at an international airport, and has managed successful travel agencies.

Marie has been a successful Director of the mother Company. Marie has also inspired tourism students through her teaching positions at collegial and university levels.